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OCHRE designs furniture, lighting and accessories for the interior. Their designs place equal importance on harmonious proportions, luxurious materials and matchless craftsmanship.


British designers Joanna Bibby and Harriet Maxwell Macdonald, who shared an aesthetic for the beauty of the understated, founded OCHRE in 1996. Solenne de la Fouchardière became the third partner and fellow designer four years later. Along with selling directly to individuals, OCHRE’s clients are leading international interior designers and architects. OCHRE has worked on many custom projects for private residences, boutique hotels and restaurants throughout the world.


Today, OCHRE is acclaimed internationally with showrooms in London and New York, and continues to grow organically whilst staying true to its considered design roots. It is the destination for those in search of discreet glamour – the hallmark of OCHRE.







Sustainable O C H R E


OCHRE designs are inspired by the innate beauty of natural materials and a respect for traditional hand-forming techniques. The quintessence of the collection is striking yet timeless elegance. Each design, through its story, making and material, is intimately and ultimately connected to our shared earth and meant to last a lifetime. Our commitment to sustainability starts at the drawing board, expands out to long standing partnerships with like-minded artisans, and aims to encompass all touch points of distribution.



We work on a made-to-order basis with a series of specialist workshops in the UK and US.  Our partners are chosen for exceptional craftsmanship as well as for their dedication to preserving skills and training a new generation of apprentices. We blend centuries old, time-honoured traditional techniques with the advancements of modern technology, utilizing the best each have to offer with regards to energy efficiencies and detritus reduction. The made-to-order model, in select finishes, negates over production and minimises the carbon footprint that arises from warehousing.



Our pieces are crafted in FSC approved woods, by-product leathers and horn, bronze, glass, porcelain, and natural fibres. The sourcing process is rigorous, and provenance is tracked throughout the supply chain: from the 100% natural Ochre Wild rug collection to our unique glass chandelier components that are powered by long lasting LEDs.  Eco-friendly upholstery filings are an option and, as an alternative to petroleum-based foam padding, we are making use of a high performance, natural algae-based technology.



We run environmentally friendly offices and showrooms using green energy sources monitored by smart meters and recyclable paper for brochures and essential communications. Our primary lighting workshop is fully solar powered.  Our products are packaged in recyclable FSC wood crates and cardboard. We are committed to improving our carbon footprint and using bio-based alternatives to plastic where possible, and to work with waste management partners to eliminate materials in the most responsible way.



Ochre operates an ethical and inclusive employment policy. Many members of the core team have worked for the company since its launch. The wellbeing of our employees, contractors and craftspeople is part and parcel of creating a beautiful and desirable product and we endeavour to take very best care of our immediate eco-system.

As a team, we recognise that sustainability is not a badge to ‘earn’ but a dynamic science that requires study and tailormade implementation. Just as the environment is ever evolving, so is Ochre and we pledge to update, adapt and innovate throughout our journey.

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